Fairbanks, Alaska? Adventure, -40 °, bears, moose . . . husband-school dropout of an ex. Yikes!


Abigail Vertuccio, reluctant clairvoyant, has three simple goals in             life. One. Don’t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seeing the future. Two. Stop seeing the future. Three. Get as far away from her her past (and that means Alaska) as possible.


She thought she’d succeeded when she hopped in her ancient motor home and hit the road. Only now she’s back in Alaska – Grandma’s orders – to help run the family rural air service, Alaska Virgin Air. Which means facing the two things that have

her diving for the Ben and Jerry’s every time: her totally irresistible ex, and a town that won’t let her forget about the whole seeing the future thing.


Home only a week, Abbey stumbles onto a plot to destroy Alaska Virgin Air.  Never one to leave matters to the experts, she and two of her zanier friends orchestrate a counter-attack of stakeouts and spying that have even the Alaska State Troopers rolling in the aisles.


She’s batting zero on the spy front. It’s beginning to look like someone is trying to kill her. As if that wasn’t enough, things with one oh-so-sexy Alaska Virgin Air pilot are alternately heating up and scaring the hell out of her.


Her head is telling her she should get out of town again before she ends up dead, in someone’s bed or married again.  The rest of her is asking: What the hell good is being clairvoyant if it never seems to work when you really, really need it to


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